Household onion ring kitchen goggles 20147

The trendy household cut onion glasses will not shed a tear for the onion, support OEM and ODM.
Item No.  YF20147
Frame Material  PC+Sponge
Lens Material  PC/AC
Colors  2 colors
Size  140*64*122mm

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Q: Can you do customized designs and package? A: Yes, we offer oem services: 1. you can custom your styles 2. you can custom your mirror lens 3. you can custom your packing box 4. you can custom your logo styles (engraved logo, embosses logo. metal sticker logo, printing logo, laser logo, fixed metal logo) Q: How about your delivery time? A: the specific delivery time depends your quantity. Q: How can i get the price? A: pls sent the inquiry to us, we can quote the price within 12 hours. Q: Can I get a test or sample order first before bulk purchase? Yes, that's no problem, a test or sample order is also welcomed initially. Q: Can you refund the sample cost when I place order? Yes, sample cost will be deducted from deposit of the mass order. Q: What's the warranty? We are very confident to our products. Before sending out, we will check out each single one and pack them well. But to avoid any subsequent trouble, please check on your glasses upon receiving, and keep us informed if there is any damaged ones. For glasses with quality issue, we have policy to re-deliver to you for free.
Onion is a common herb for us, and its nutritional value is also very high. Many people like to buy onions to cook and eat. But in the process of making onions, it is a very difficult problem to cut whole onions into the desired status. This is because when the onion is cut open, its tissue cells are destroyed and alliinase is released. This special enzyme evolved onions for the invasion of local pests. Alliinase reacts with onion's own amino acids to produce a gas with sulfur. When this gas comes into contact with the eyes, it will stimulate the nerve endings of the cornea of the human eye, so the human body through the nervous system instructs the lacrimal gland to secrete tears, flushing this irritating substance away. The emergence of this phenomenon is due to the body's own protective mechanism. Therefore, there have also been various ways to solve this problem on the Internet. One of them, as an accessory for eye protection, produced a protective goggles called "onion ring glasses". Use physical protection to protect your eyes when cutting onions. The shape of this goggles also follows the fashion trend, suitable for men and women of all ages. The material is also environmentally friendly.

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